China's Supreme Court has ordered to impose harsher penalties, which include death sentence to people who have violated the food safety, as the government struggles to clean up the food supply.

The highest court in China has told the lower courts to issue longer jail terms and larger fines on people found guilty of violating food safety regulations and that death sentences should be given in cases where people died.

China does not reveal the number of executions it carries out every year but its more than any other countries combined, but its leadership is in the midst of a new campaign to stamp out persisting contamination of food products that have harmed people and have undermined their confidence.

As part of the push, the government has recently encouraged more openness in reporting food problems in the timeliest manner. The Supreme People's Court notice said information relating to food safety cases should be made public in a timely manner and urged open trials when dealing with major cases.

Government officials who were involved in malpractices like bribes and shielding people committing crimes will have to pay harsher financial penalties.

Chinese law imposes life imprisonment or death to the ones who are convicted of being involved in food scandals causing death.