A massive convoy of vehicles belonging to the Chinese Paramilitary People's Armed Police (PAP) was seen near the border of Hong Kong on Monday, reports have said.

Chinese state-run media released a footage showing the armoured vehicles assembled in Shenzhen. Some of the vehicles were on the move and several were seen parked in the city, reported CNA.

The People's Daily tweeted out a video of the troop carriers and said they were travelling for a drill.

The reports of the troop movement come as protests over an extradition bill have rocked Hong Kong since June, with violent clashes with police becoming an almost daily feature. The protesters took over the city's airport Monday causing flight cancellations that have continued into Tuesday.

The People’s Daily in a tweet said, that the People’s Armed Police are in Shenzhen prepared to handle “riots, disturbance, major violence and crime and terrorism-related social security issues.” China has voiced threats that it could use the People's Liberation Army (PLA) garrison in the city to quell the protests.

Using the PLA could have wide-ranging political and economic ramifications for the Chinese government as it would draw comparisons to the repression of the Tiananmen protests. So perhaps using the paramilitary police could be a more politically acceptable option for the Chinese administration.

The protests are against a bill that allows for the extradition of those accused of crimes to nations with whom Hong Kong does not have an extradition treaty. The protesters say the bill could be used to grab political dissenters and take them to mainland China.

Although the extradition bill was suspended by the territory’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, in mid-June, the protesters are demanding its complete withdrawal along with Lam’s resignation. They are also demanding the unconditional release of arrested demonstrators and an independent inquiry into police behavior.