Every holiday season brings a new and popular children's toy. In 1996, it was the Tickle Me Elmo. In 2014, it was the Elsa Doll.

What's the hottest-selling toy this year? There are plenty of possibilities.

Here is a list of some of the most in-demand toys for Christmas 2021.

Rainbow High Karma Nichols

This doll is a collectible fashion doll that comes in different characters that are all based on a different color of the rainbow. It comes with different outfits to change your doll into and is modeled after real-life designers and fashion trends. This toy is priced at $25.

Just Play Ada Twist, Scientist Ada Twist Lab Doll with Sounds

This scientist-themed doll is based on a best-selling children’s book which has also become a new children’s series on Netflix called "Ada Twist, Scientist." The series wants to inspire kids to want to learn about STEM learning. The doll comes with a scientist outfit, lab table, test tubes and safety glasses. This toy is priced at $43.

Bluey & Jean Luc’s Caravan Adventures Playset

This caravan playset is based on a children’s television series called “Bluey.” In one of the most popular episodes, Bluey and his friend Jean Luc go on a camping trip. The playset comes with a caravan, a small Bluey figurine, campfire, s’mores for roasting, a dining set, and stickers to decorate the inside walls. This toy is priced at $42.

Bluey’s Mum and Dad (Bandit and Chilli) Plush Bundle

These two plush dolls stem from the same “Bluey” series and are stuffed doll versions of Bluey’s parents. They can be seen as collectibles along with other plush versions of the characters from the series. This toy bundle is priced at $43.

Grogu Plush Toy

This toy is one of the hottest sellers. Any young Star Wars fan will enjoy this 11-inch toy. It may even have a strong resell value as a collectible. The toy is priced at about $14.