Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict was ejected during the second quarter of Sunday’s 24-20 loss to the Tennessee Titans after making contact with an official. This was the first time he had ever been ejected during a game, which surprised some fans, according to Twitter.

Burfict was flagged on a play involving Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota and appeared to touch an official as he pleaded his case. NFL official Jeff Bergman had his hand raised to ward off an angry Burfict, who then appeared to knock away his arm. Officials instantly ejected Burfict who was hit with a personal foul from an earlier play that involved Titans DeMarco Murray.

Fans took to Twitter Sunday evening and made slight of Burfict’s on-field behavior. Many suggested that Burfict’s ejection was normal based on the linebacker's past conduct.

However, the Bengals linebacker didn’t immediately leave after he was ejected. Burfict appeared to have taunted booing fans with both arms raised as he headed for the locker room.

Burfict has a history of antics on the field and was fined $12,154 earlier this season for unsportsmanlike conduct during Week 7 against the Pittsburg Steelers. According to ESPN, he has been fined a total of $303,637 for inappropriate behavior through his career.

Conversely, the NFL could take disciplinary action against Burfict's behavior, according to the NFL's official rulebook. 

"Unnecessary physical contact with a game official may result in disqualification and also will include discipline by the Commissioner," the rulebook said.