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Renewable energy is often touted as the solution to our energy needs, but at this time, it simply cannot sustain an industrial world. The inability of renewables to meet demand is particularly evident in the European nations, where prices have quadrupled in the last few years. Germany is a prime example of this — electricity rates have quintupled in the previous two years, primarily due to the country's reliance on inconsistent and unscalable wind and solar power.

Climate Politics: Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC
Climate Politics: Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC Discusses the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry Pixabay

Industrial nations without their own oil and gas drilling and production capabilities are experiencing record high prices as they are forced to rely on other countries for their energy needs. The problem will only worsen as the global population grows and more countries demand access to economical energy sources.

The United States, on the other hand, has some of the lowest natural gas prices in the world. As a result, the U.S. is in the position to help other countries struggling with high energy costs; however, a cold political climate hampers our production. As Phoenix Capital Group explains, this governmental hamstringing needs a narrative adjustment if we want to make a global difference in efforts for affordable and accessible energy for this country.

Extracting and producing gas and oil requires extraordinary capital, which America's banks are reluctant to provide. This hesitation is partially due to the pressure from the federal government, which wants banks to make fewer loans in the fossil fuels sector. The federal government has long been hostile to the fossil fuels industry, mistakenly believing that renewable energy sources can meet the world's energy needs. This hostility has led to policies that suppress drilling and production in the U.S., hurting our economy and making it more difficult to provide affordable energy to the rest of the world.

One of Phoenix Capital Group's missions is to share some of the current pitfalls of renewable energy sources as they cannot meet our nation's energy needs. The current solutions of wind, solar and electric are expensive and unreliable and thus cannot be depended on to power an industrial world. Instead, we need to stop villainizing fossil fuels, which are a reliable and affordable solution, if we want to ensure that everyone has access to affordable energy.

A Better Way to Ensure Oil and Gas Production

Phoenix Capital Group is redefining how consumers can gain exposure to the oil and gas industry by providing private corporate bond offerings ranging from 8-11% APY with short and long-term options directly to investors.

This company is refining how investors without previous access to the energy sector can find financial return options and learn more about the industry's inner workings. This is an opportunity for investors to participate in yields directly related to a vital commodity asset.

"We're doing something virtually no other oil and gas company is doing by raising capital directly." Phoenix Capital Group's engineering consultant continues, "We have a securities division within Phoenix Capital Group, and we are raising money directly with investors and deploying that capital into strategic positive cash flow energy assets in the United States. These assets range from the Montana-Canada border down to the Mexico-Texas border."

Phoenix Capital Group is confident that oil and natural gas will continue to be a fixture in the global energy mix for at least the next 50 years. They believe these energy sources are reliable and affordable, and the current consumer may not know how petroleum products are integrated into our everyday lives beyond fueling our cars for transportation. Petroleum products are in our roads and provide energy in our homes, along with the ability for many of the conveniences we sometimes take for granted.

Recent events validate this confidence. The rise of countries like India and China has led to an increase in global demand for energy, and there is no indication that this trend will reverse anytime soon. As more countries develop, their need for power will only grow.

Oil and natural gas are here to stay, and Phoenix Capital Group is well-positioned to take advantage of this reality. They offer an investment product that promotes oil and gas production in the U.S., something that is sure to be a lucrative venture in the years ahead. The hope, of course, is that these efforts, among others, will continue to help fuel America -- and the world -- for decades to come.