United States secretary of state Hillary Clinton will attend an international meeting next week to talk about the situation in Libya, as NATO seeks to accelerate the campaign to end his rule, Reuters reported.

The State Department said on Tuesday the meeting of the Libya Contact Group would be on June 9 in the United Arab Emirates at the start of Clinton's short three-nation tour of Africa. The Libya Contact Group includes the United States, France, Britain, Italy, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan.

A statement said the meeting would construct on the association of May 5 talks in Rome. The contact group offered a financial lifeline potentially worth billions of dollars to rebels fighting Gaddafi in an uprising inspired by popular revolts in Egypt and Tunisia.

Clinton's Africa trip includes a stop in Zambia, where she will meet representatives of 37 African countries. The talks will surround the grants, which will have favorable access to US markets, Reuters reported.

She will also visit Tanzania and Ethiopia, where she will meet leaders of the African Union, which has come up with their own plan for ending the Libya conflict.

Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa visited Tripoli on Monday on behalf of AU to mediate but nothing seemed to have materialized after Gaddafi's refusal to quit.