US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will likely visit Pakistan soon to discuss ways that both countries can cooperate again in the war against terrorism, according to reports.

She will be the highest-ranking US government official to visit Islamabad since the spectacular assassination of al-Qaeda chieftain Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani compound three weeks ago.

US Senator John Kerry visited with Pakistani officials last week and urged Islamabad to get tough on terrorists.

Last week, two other delegations -- one led by US Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Marc Grossman and the other by CIA deputy chief Mark Morrell – also visited Pakistan, ahead of Clinton’s higher profile journey.
Due to obvious security concerns, Clinton’s specific schedule and itinerary is being kept secret.
One source said she would be in Islamabad as soon as Friday, but that could not be confirmed.

Relations between Washington and Islamabad have been damaged by the revelation that bin Laden was in Pakistan for at least seven years and by suspicions that he was protected by Pakistan intelligence.

Clinton’s trip could be an indication that the US is dedicated to maintaining strong diplomatic ties with Pakistan.