Former secretary of state Collin Powell is not a fan of Dick Cheney's new memoir.

Although the book, called In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir was released on Monday, Powell had apparently heard enough about the former vice president's memoir before it hit bookshelves. While Cheney reportedly told NBC its release would make heads explode all over Washington, Powell was apparently less than impressed by its revelations.

My head isn't exploding. I haven't noticed any other heads exploding in Washington, Powell said Sunday during an appearance on CBS' Face the Nation. From what I've read in the newspapers and seen on television it's essentially a rehash of events of seven or eight years ago.

The memoir follows Cheney's life from his youth in Wyoming, to his nearly four decades spent in the high ranks of U.S. politics and ends with an account of the 2010 heart surgery he underwent that left him unconscious for weeks.

The book gives candid accounts of conflicts that erupted during the presidency of George W. Bush, including spats with then-CIA Director George Tenet and Bush's two secretaries of state - Powell himself, and Condoleezza Rice.

According to multiple reports, Cheney and Powell clashed repeatedly during their time in the Bush Administration, especially about foreign policy in the time leading up to the 2003 Iraq invasion by U.S.-led forces. In his memoir, Cheney wrote that Powell repeatedly spoke to outsiders about his criticism of the administration's policies, a charge that Powell called, nonsense.

Cheney also admitted that he pushed for Powell to be removed from the administration after the 2004 election, writing that Powell's resignation was for the best. Powell also denied that charge, saying on Sunday that he had always planned to only serve four years.

Cheney has had a long and distinguished career and I hope in his book that's what he will focus on, not these cheap shots that he's taking at me and other members of the administration who served to the best of our ability for President Bush, Powell said.

Cheney's memoir also has plenty of criticism for Rice - which New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote borders on sexist - regarding her naivete in efforts to negotiate a nuclear weapons agreement with North Korea, writing that she eventually tearfully admitted I had been right.

Powell, who notably crossed party lines during the 2008 presidential election to endorse Barack Obama, went on to say that he wasn't sure if he was supporting him for reelection.

Just as was the case in 2008, I am going to watch the campaign unfold. In the course of my life I have voted for Democrats, I have voted for Republicans, I have changed from one four-year cycle to another, he said.