The colorful Bornean rainbow toad was finally found after spending 87 years as a missing species, announced Conservation International.

It was found in the Borneo island of Malaysia; three were discovered up the high branches of a tree in the Mount Penrissen range during a night time search.

The Bornea rainbow toad - also known as Sambas stream toad and officially called Ansonia latidisca - is a spindly-legged toad with a colorful skin, as its name suggests. It was initially discovered by European explorers in the 1920s (last seen in 1924). Then, for the next 87 years, all mankind had were the explorers' drawings of the toad.

In 2010, the Conservational International listed the toad as one of the world's top 10 most wanted frogs as a part of its Global Search for Lost Amphibians initiative. This inspired Dr. Indraneil Das of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak to search for the toad and eventually succeed in doing so.

Below are photos of the Bornean rainbow toad and other diverse life-forms found on the island of Borneo.