Boise State
Think the blue turf is weird? With conference realignment, Boise State could join both the Big East and Big West. Reuters

Oh, this is a new one in conference realignment. Boise State, which has garnered interest from the Big East to join its conference in football, is talking to the Big West to join its conference in other sports.

Boise State: Member of the Big East and Big West. Every time you think conference realignment cannot produce anything crazier, anything that makes completely less sense than the last thing, it goes out and does something like this.

According to ESPN, Boise State's interim athletic director Curt Apsey put in a call to Big West commissioner Dennis Farrell on Wednesday to start up talks of the Broncos potentially joining the Big West in other sports if they join the Big East in football.

Boise State was previous a member of the Big West from 1996-2001. Because their football program is the crown jewel of the athletic department, Boise State figures to have some trouble finding a home for its other programs without football tagging along. The Big East has been rumored to be targeting the Broncos for membership, but as a football-only member of the conference.

The other schools rumored to be invited to the Big East include Air Force and Navy as football-only members and Central Florida, Houston and SMU in all sports.

In the last month, the Big East has lost Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC and TCU to the Big 12. Now, both West Virginia and Louisville are rumored to be in talks with the Big 12, as well.

According to ESPN, Boise State has not contacted the WCC, WAC or Big Sky about a non-football membership, and Mountain West commissioner Craig Thomson has said that he would not keep the school in the conference without football.

In the best interest of Boise State, and without getting specific, we are considering all potential opportunities, Apsey told ESPN.

Boise State, for its part, has changed conferences three times in its 40-year conference history, but is looking for a fourth - and maybe fifth. They joined the Big Sky in 1971, and 25 years later joined the Big West in 1996. Then, the Broncos joined the WAC in 2001 before becoming a member of the Mounatin West this season.

You know what? This is actually pretty perfect. The Big East-West school, in Idaho, which is somewhere between both coasts. Superconference realignment, you have arrived.