Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva last fought in Feb. 2017 at UFC 208. In this picture, Silva of Brazil poses for photographers during the UFC 212 press conference at Morro da Urca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 11, 2017. Buda Mendes/Getty Images

If Conor McGregor were to face Anderson Silva in a super fight, former UFC star Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira would bet his "house and car" on his Brazilian compatriot.

Silva has unlikely +800 odds of being McGregor's next opponent following recent comments from the former middleweight champion about the two strikers facing each other.

“I think (UFC president Dana White needs) to think about this,” Silva said. “Because it’s two big guys in this sport. Two big names – yes, absolutely, two big legends. And, why not? I think 180 for me is good. I think to Conor, (it’s good) too. Because it’s a super fight, it’s not about weight class.”

Silva is regarded by many as the greatest of all time, with 10 middleweight title defenses and a reputation as one of the most entertaining and devastating strikers in the UFC.

However, he is 43 years of age now with one win in his last six fights. In addition, his last fight was in Feb. 2017 at UFC 208 with a failed drug test later keeping him out of action for nearly two years at this point.

And not only is he significantly bigger than the Irishman, but also fights in a weight class 30 pounds heavier than the lightweight division with McGregor unlikely to fight in a catchweight bout at 180 pounds.

Despite this, Nogueira believes it would be a "beautiful fight" that everyone would want to see.

“I think it’s a super fight!” Nogueira told Combate, as quoted on Bloody Elbow. “Conor McGregor knows how to control distance well, but Anderson does it like nobody else."

"Derek Brunson is aggressive, knows how to close the distance, but couldn’t do anything against Anderson [at UFC 208]. The grappling aspect would be Anderson’s biggest obstacle. It would be a beautiful fight between two talented athletes who know how to punch and kick."

As for the weight, Silva could cut down to 176 pounds and despite being well past his prime, Nogueira would be extremely confident of a knockout win for his fellow Brazilian.

“Anderson can get to 176 pounds, and McGregor would have to pump some iron,” he added. “I would bet my house and car on Anderson, he would knock him out. Anderson masters distance like nobody else."

"They’re both southpaws, Anderson is good with counters and McGregor is good at straight punches. It would sell. Anderson knows how to play the trash talking game. If he needs to put on that mask, he will.”

In all likelihood, this fight will not happen, at least in the near future.

McGregor most recently lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 earlier this month and signaled his intentions of having a rematch. However, he is also open to facing the next contender in line if he isn't given an immediate rematch.

While oddsmakers have Silva at +800, Nate Diaz is favored as McGregor's next likely opponent with +150 odds.