There will be no U.S. government shutdown next Wednesday, when the current continuing resolution expires, because the House has approved a stop-gap measure to fund federal agencies through the Sept. 30 end of this fiscal year.

The bill, which cleared the House on Thursday in a 318-109 vote, now heads to the White House.

Earlier this week, the continuing resolution hit a brief snag in the Senate, when Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., delayed the full vote in a bid to get a vote on his amendment to prevent cuts for air traffic control towers in rural areas. Lawmakers overcame that obstacle in a 73-26 vote on Wednesday, when they agreed to avoid furloughs for federal meat inspectors this summer.

The continuing resolution will maintain funding at $984 billion and the sequester remains in place; however, the Defense Department has more flexibility with its funds.

The agreement helped to avert a broad goverment shutdown on March 27.