A convicted pedophile child killer was caught on surveillance camera luring an eight-year-old girl from a bus stop. The incident took place just days after the sex attacker was released from a 20-year jail term in Kyzyl city, Russia.

According to reports, the killer approached the girl at her school bus stop telling her he was a policeman and that her parents were waiting for her at the police station. He told the girl he had come to take her to her parents.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the unnamed man grabbing the young girl by her hand and walking her along several streets looking for a place to rape her, detectives said.

"The girl began to cry," a law enforcement source told Plus Inform newspaper. “The accused man failed to calm her and tried to scare her. He hit her in the abdomen with his fist... The child began to cry louder. Her cries attracted the attention of a few men (at the filling station). One of them reprimanded the accused man, so he fled.”

Police were called to the scene and they soon identified the known pedophile and murderer from CCTV footage. He was later detained in Kyzyl, capital of the Tyva region in Siberia.

The incident reportedly took place in May but details emerged this week after the case moved to court. The man was accused of attempting to rape the eight-year-old girl, and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

While the girl was lucky to have escaped the tragedy, there are many others who end up becoming a victim.

In September, a pedophile was jailed for life for luring a 10-year-old and sexually assaulting him before killing and dismembering his body. The 35-year old — a previously convicted murderer who had a record of earlier child sex attacks — was seen in a video talking to the boy and then going to a shop before he led him to his apartment in Ortadnoe, 21 miles east of St Petersburg in Russia.

Police spokeswoman Anastasiya Glushchenko told local media at the time: “After that [Georgievsky] strangled and dismembered the boy. Then he hid the boy's body parts in different places around the local area and in St Petersburg.”