Coors Light will be making a full switch to cardboard packaging rather than the plastic rings it has used in the past to connect its six-packs.

The cardboard will allow for a more “recyclable and sustainably” sourced material versus the plastic, which is in line with a goal by the company to reduce its environmental impact by 2025.

“Our business, and Coors in particular, has a long history of using packaging innovation to protect our environment, and today we are building on that rich legacy,” Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley said in a Tuesday press release. “Just as Coors led the way by pioneering the recyclable aluminum can, Coors Light will lead the way by moving out of single-use plastic rings in North America.”

The environmentally driven move will begin “later this year,” with plans to transition all of the Molson Coors brands away from plastic rings by 2025.

According to the World Economic Forum, experts predict that there will be more plastic than fish in the global oceans by 2050.

Cardboard is capable of breaking down in the environment faster than most types of plastics, which is why companies are beginning to use it more.

“Cardboard is made from natural materials which makes it compostable; meaning it can break down in natural elements and leave no harmful toxins,” Eco Freak explained.

Hattersley explained to CNN on Tuesday that consumers want to recycle, but that the amount of plastic that actually makes it into recycling is “very low.”

"Our consumers like the thought of products they consume being environmentally friendly," Hattersley told CNN. "The amount of plastic recycled is very, very low."