• A 43-year-old Uttar Pradesh police officer allegedly killed his wife and injured his kids before taking his own life
  • Police said the cop was depressed over his "skin ailment"
  • Authorities are still investigating the incident

A 43-year-old head constable from the police force of India's Uttar Pradesh state jumped in front of a train in an apparent suicide after allegedly killing his wife and critically injuring his three children, police revealed Sunday.

The officer, identified as Munshi Singh Yadav from Usia village in the city of Ghazipur, was allegedly depressed over his "skin ailment," the Times of India first reported, quoting police superintendent Omprakash Singh.

According to authorities, Yadav was sleeping on the roof of his house early Saturday morning when his neighbors heard the cries of his children. Upon reaching their location, they saw Yadav's 38-year-old wife, Nisha Devi, lying in a pool of blood.

The neighbors also discovered the couple's sons, Krishna and Shyam, as well as their daughter Sudha, with critical injuries.

"(Yadav) attacked his wife and children with a sharp-edged weapon," superintendent Singh said.

The four were taken to a government hospital, where Devi was declared dead. The three children, meanwhile, were transported to the neighboring city of Varanasi for treatment.

Police said Yadav later claimed his own life by jumping in front of a train outside his village.

Yadav's brother, Heera Yadav, filed a complaint following his brother's death, and a case for murder and suicide has been registered with authorities.

According to police, an investigation on the incident is still ongoing.

Yadav was posted in Allahabad and had been living in his native village of Usia since January, police said. They pointed out he was recently transferred to the city of Fatehpur.

A similar incident happened a week ago in the Indian city of Pune when a 38-year-old truck driver who recently lost his job allegedly killed his family and committed suicide.

Police said Hemant Shinde strangled his wife and slit his son's throat before hanging himself on May 9.

According to Shinde's brother, who was living in the same house but was away when the incident happened, Shinde's wife often quarreled with his brother as he was not going to work after losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Representation. Police said Yadav used a sharp-edged weapon to attack his family before apparently committing suicide. Pixabay