A Greek morning talk show erupted in violence and name-calling Thursday when the spokesman for the far-right Golden Dawn party punched a leftist female politician in the face and threw water at another.

Police are now searching for Ilias Kasidiaris. MSNBC reported the spokesman was locked in a room at the TV studio after the incident was broadcast on live television, but broke down the door and escaped. ITV News reported a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Kasidiaris was debating with representatives from seven of Greece's political parties about the June 17 election when things got completely out of hand.

There is a crisis of democracy when people who will take the country back 500 years have got into the Greek parliament, said Rena Dourou, 58, of the radical leftist Syriza party.

The Golden Dawn spokesman then tossed water on Dourou, shouting an insult the Associated Press says is loosely translated to you circus act.

Communist party member Liana Kanelli, who called Kasidiaris a fascist earlier (he then called her a commie), then appears to throw a newspaper at the 31-year-old Kasidiaris. That's when Kasidiaris slaps Kanelli hard across the face three times.

This occurred all while talk show host Giorgos Papadakis fails to try and stop him.

The Golden Dawn party believes in ridding the country of illegal immigrants and has proposed planting anti-personnel mines along Greece's borders to stop migrants from getting across. Its opponents call Golden Dawn members neo-Nazis and have accused them of violent attacks against immigrants in Athens, but the party denies the label and the claims.

The Syriza party is a coalition, or an umbrella organization of Greek's leftist groups. Both parties are opposed to the austerity programs imposed on Greece as a condition for internationally-backed financial bailouts.