Although the coronavirus continues to spread in some parts of Europe, Italy, Spain and Germany have shown signs that the outbreak may be mitigated.

On Saturday, Italy showed its lowest death toll in over a month, at 482 deaths, according to the Italian Civil Protection Agency. Italy once was the main epicenter of the virus in Europe, with the country imposing a strict lockdown order on March 9.

Italy is now easing lockdown measures, reopening some small businesses such as bookstores and dry cleaners. As of Sunday at 11:10 a.m. ET, there are 175,925 cases of coronavirus in Italy, with the death toll at 23,227.

Spain only saw 410 deaths on Sunday, the lowest rise in deaths for about a month. Spain will likely expand its current lockdown beyond May 9.

“We have left behind the most extreme moments,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Saturday. “These achievements are still insufficient and above all fragile. We cannot put them at risk with hasty solutions.”

There are currently 195,944 cases of coronavirus in Spain, with the death toll at 20,453.

Germany is currently looking at reopening its economy. Although the country has had a large number of cases, it has not had as many deaths as other European nations.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said Friday that the outbreak in Germany is “under control,” adding that restrictions to keep people at home were “successful.” Berlin has banned public gatherings of more than two people to stem the spread of the virus.

There are currently 144,348 cases in Germany, with the country’s death toll standing at 4,547.