South Korean soccer team FC Seoul issued a public apology after a particularly strange decision amid the coronavirus.

At a home game against Gwangju on Sunday, fans accused the team of using sex dolls as mannequins to fill seats. Real fans had been banned from attending in order to enforce social distancing rules.

“The female mannequin dressed in a white short sleeve t-shirt, the breast excessively stood out, and the nipples were protruding, but you didn't know they were an adult product?” one fan wrote on Instagram, expressing skepticism that the team confused mannequins for sex dolls. “You are kidding me.”

Some of the mannequins could even be seen holding signs advertising a company that produces sex dolls, which the team said that they were unaware of. In an apology posted to social media, FC Seoul claimed that they had made sure the mannequins were not “adult products” and were assured several times by the supplier that they were standard models often used to display clothing in stores.

“This is our fault without excuse,” the statement read. “Regardless of the reason, we apologize again for causing great concern to the fans who love and cheer for FC Seoul.”

FC Seoul was facing Gwangju in its second game of the current K League season, the top soccer promotion in the country. Prior to the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic, the season had been scheduled to begin on Feb. 29. FC Seoul won the game, 1-0.