The Coronavirus has infected more than 37,000 people worldwide as of Sunday, with the global death toll standing at 813. The current health crisis now has a higher death toll than the 2003 SARS outbreak, which killed 774 people globally.

The virus originated at an animal and seafood market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and has forced the Chinese government to put millions of its citizens on lockdown.

The outbreak has had effects around the world.

The emergency has caused the Diamond Princess cruise ship to be quarantined off the coast of Japan, with 70 people onboard testing positive for the Coronavirus. There are 14 American passengers who have the virus.

Many major airlines have suspended their flights to their Chinese mainland, while France has shut down several schools near a ski resort to keep the virus from spreading. Five Britons at the ski resort have been diagnosed with the virus.

Twenty German citizens who were in Wuhan, the epicenter of the crisis, landed in Berlin on Sunday. They will then spend two weeks in quarantine in a Red Cross hospital.

The virus has impacted international companies operating in China, with Google and Apple closing their corporate offices and stores on the Chinese mainland. Nike has said that it will close half its stores in China, with its other stores on limited hours.

Analysts have downgraded China’s growth forecast as a result of the virus, with the emergency even possibly causing a global recession. Thailand, Hong Kong, and Australia are three countries that will be hardest hit by the crisis, with all three nations reliant on Chinese tourists and imports.