Robin Thicke's arrest for marijuana possession today may be the least of his problems. The singer, who is married to 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' actress Paula Patton, was taken into police custody after he was discovered in his Cadillac Escalade with what was allegedly pot. The drug bust occurred in Manhattan just outside of Madison Square Park. Though many questions surround his arrest, he's definitely going to have to answer to Patton, who is rumored to be pregnant with their second child.

The couple, who were high-school sweethearts, already has a one year old son, Julian, together. Thicke's arrest could very well add to a string of splitsville rumors that plagued their marriage just last year. On top of that the two were slapped with a $492,583 tax lien from the IRS  last month. According to the DailyMail, both denied knowing they owed money. It seems that the glamorous duo have a lot to deal with these days.