Bertie County in North Carolina on Sunday was hardest hit area in the wake of Saturday's deadly storms across the Southeastern U.S. with authorities continuing to assess the damage after a report of 14 deaths.

Reports are still incoming, said Mike Sprayberry, a local emergency state official in North Carolina told CNN. Bertie is located in the northeast part of the state. The county's toll was included among the seven other states which have been struck by severe weather over the three days, with the number of fatalities attributed to storms now at least at 44, according to CNN.

Eleven people are dead in Bertie County, authorities told About 75 people were going from door-to-door looking for victims and survivors, according to the report.

Several of the dead came from the same family, Bertie County Manage Zee Lamb said.

It's very devastating. These kinds of fatalities are not something we're used to, Lamb said in an early morning report.

Local aerial television news footage showed multiple homes completely demolished.

Other states affected include two deaths in Virginia, seven in Alabama, two in Oklahoma, seven in Arkansas and one in Mississippi.

In central North Carolina, one resident described first-hand experience with a tornado.

Paul Banks of Raleigh said he was in his car when the tornado hit him. He said he saw a car spinning in front of him, the back windows exploded in his truck.

We saw a piece of roof go right by us and I said son, I think there is a tornado right there and before I could stop the truck it was on us and we pulled into a car dealership looking for a ditch. It only had a flat parking lot and the roof ripped off, he told the Weather Channel.

Roofs were ripped off their homes across the northern part of the city, according to the report.