A couple was just in the right place at the right time. The good Samaritan couple was having a great time in Monte Cristo, enjoying the snow, when they came across three cute puppies, which they described as little balls of ice.

Cory Holt and Kat Perry found the three adorable puppies and had ascertained that they were living inside a sheep carcass amid the cold. They were wet and shivering and needed help.

couple rescues puppies in utah mountain
couple rescues puppies in utah mountain Liesl14 - Pixabay

According to NYPost, the couple was snowmobiling on Weber County when Perry saw the adult dog. The location was several miles into the backcountry. It was obvious that the dog had pups, and she said that she would not leave an animal in the mountain to starve.

Determined to find out more about the adult dog, they came back to the area the following day. True enough, they found the three pups. They were located approximately five miles away from the nearest paved road. They believe that the four animals must have fed off from the sheep’s carcass at some point.

Immediately, after sending the word out, the Utah State Park officials informed the Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue that the couple was asking for help in rescuing the animals. They successfully rescued the pups using a sled; however, they were not able to rescue the mother.

Holt said that they didn’t have anything like a leash or a rope, and so they have decided to bring the pups to safety and out of the cold first. They would simply go back for the mother. They left five pounds of dog food for the pups’ mother.

They were able to identify the pups’ breed as Great Pyrenees later. They believe that the mother was a sheepherder. She must have gone off to give birth during the summer. They also believe that the pups, two males and one female, have other “siblings.”

At present, the couple is trying their best to find homes for the puppies. They are working closely with Hope’s Rescue group to achieve this goal. One of the pups might even end up as their own.