• The bodies of the two men were found near a train station
  • Both of them had the name "Asha" engraved on their arms
  • Prior to the act, they recorded a video explaining their decision
  • They asked the girl's family to marry her off to a suitable guy

Two cousins killed themselves in the Indian state of Rajasthan after allegedly falling in love with the same girl.

Mahendra Gurjar and Devraj Gurjar, both 23, jumped in front of a moving train at Bundi district in the early hours of Monday, police said as per India Today.

Authorities found their bodies near Gudla station on the Delhi-Mumbai railway track. Both of them had the name "Asha" engraved on their arms.

It was later found that the two had recorded a video about their shared love for the girl and their decision to their own lives, a report from Times Now said.

In the video, which is now with the police, the cousins explained that nobody pressured them to take the extreme step. "We have taken the decision individually. Neither he is to be blamed for anything that I am going to do nor I am to be blamed for the step he is about to take," one of the men said.

The duo also urged their families not to get angry or aggressive with each other and move on with their lives then appealed to the girl's family to marry her off to a suitable guy.

According to the police, there were pictures and details in their phones that hinted at their love for the girl, whose whereabouts are yet to be verified. A case has been registered for the suicide and an investigation has begun.

The bodies of the victims were handed over to their family members after a post-mortem examination.

A similar incident was reported in another Indian state in 2018 when two teenagers set themselves on fire after learning they had fallen for the same girl. Mahinder and Ravi, both 16, had been depressed after realizing that they were in love with the same girl.

They were inspired by an Indian movie called "RX100," the police said. The teenage boys reportedly watched the film together and decided to end their lives upon realizing that their love was destined to fail.

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