• Michael Schumacher stem cell surgery has been postponed
  • Michael Schumacher surgery meant to regenerate nervous system
  • No credible health update on Michael Schumacher given to this day

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher was set to undergo a stem-cell operation in the coming days to address his depreciating muscles and weak bones after being bed-ridden for so long. However, plans to do the procedure have been placed on hold due to the risks that the COVID-19 pandemic brings. The operation was intended to help regenerate the nervous system of the 51-year-old F1 legend.

Like most sensitive medical procedures, seeing Schumacher undergo the treatment during the pandemic was a bit odd. A report from the Guardian questioned the validity of the stem cell surgery, calling them inaccurate. No comments were coming from the Schumacher family although critics feel that it would not make sense to have a delicate procedure at this time.

Before the update that Schumacher's stem cell treatment was placed on hold, news broke out that the Formula One icon would undergo treatment that would be performed by a French professor and cardiologist Philippe Menasche. He is a world-renowned medical pioneer and has reportedly operated on Schumacher before, the Daily Mail reported.

Credible update on the actual condition of Schumacher remains scarce with loved ones preferring to keep everything private. The 51-year-old race car driver suffered a brain injury in 2013 after a skiing accident in the Alps. He was left comatose for six months after sustaining the head injury. He returned home after 254 days with only medical personnel and close friends allowed on the premises.

Some people who were able to visit Schumacher claim that he is making progress but did not elaborate. the last update on Schumacher comes from former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa. He says he knows the state of his close friend but did not get into details. He also added that he was not that close with Schumacher's wife  Corinna since she did not go to too many races.

"I think the main thing about all this is that we know that his situation is not easy. He is in a difficult phase but we need to respect him and the family," Massa said. "They do not like to divulge any information, so who am I to do that? I dream and pray every day that he gets better and that he can appear at a circuit again, especially now that his son (Mick Schumacher) is racing," he added.