• Former Portugal side player Bernardo Silva revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo always scores the most important goals even in training sessions
  • Silva said Ronaldo always did something special with the ball
  • Former Manchester United player Eddie Johnson witnessed a special moment during Ronaldo's first training with the club

Cristiano Ronaldo's former Portugal national side teammate recently recalled how the Ballon d'Or winner scored the most important goals even while they were training.

Aside from being an incredible player in club football, Ronaldo was even more exceptional in the international stage. With a staggering 99 international goals across his name, “CR7” has really proven that he was just way above everybody else. But some may not know, that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner doesn’t hold back even during training sessions.

In a recent interview with, Bernardo Silva, a Man City legend and former Portugal national side teammate of Ronaldo, revealed how the Portuguese superstar played every single game during their time. According to Silva, Ronaldo was “annoying” back then because be it an important game or simply a training session, Ronaldo will pull off something special and score the most important goals.

"I think what is annoying about him, in a way, is that in a training session, you play a game, and it is 1-1. The manager says whoever scores wins, and it is always him. When a game is stuck and you don’t know if you’re going to win or not, you know that if you give him the ball, he is the guy who decides; something special might happen when he has the ball,” Silva recalled.

"Even in the training session it is kind of annoying because it is always him that scores the most important goals! I think that is what makes him special, being there in the most important moments,” Silva added.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 2016
With supporters turning on him, Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid try to move past Roma in Tuesday's Champions League Round of 16 second leg. Getty Images

In 2003, Ronaldo joined Manchester United. He was only 18 at the time but has already got the people buzzing about his skills. Just like Silva, Ronaldo’s former club football teammate Eddie Johnson also witnessed a special moment courtesy of the legendary striker.

According to Johnson, he knew that the young Ronaldo had just “given some of the first team a hard time in the friendly and people were talking about him.” And when they all started playing, Johnson revealed that Ronaldo did something spectacular during his very first training session with Manchester United.

The young Portuguese nutmegged one of the players and ended up crossing his feet together and landing flat on his face. Johnson said that the special moment convinced everybody that Ronaldo will be a future superstar. In his own words, Johnson described the said moment as “the most audacious bit of skill.”