A Malaysian showing newly launched HIV test kits in Kuala Lumpur, Nov. 29, 2004. Reuters

The international scientific community could be one step closer toward eventually discovering a cure for one of the world’s deadliest epidemics following a researcher’s reported discovery in Namibia, a small nation in Southern Africa.

Dr. Petrina Johannes, a senior civil and environmental engineering lecturer at the University of Namibia, led recent research on Tian Immunity Boosters, a variety of over 30 natural Chinese herbs compounded into anti-viral and anti-bacteria therapies for human patients suffering from lower immunity due to HIV and AIDS.

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Tian Booster Immunity therapies vary in sort and are created by combining the natural compounds and a wide array of antibiotics through modern technology. The research reportedly showed the immunity boosting therapy effectively blocked the replication of HIV in healthy CD4 cells, Dr. Johannes said Sunday.

A group of AIDS activists demonstrated outside the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, the site of the upcoming G20 Pittsburgh Summit as they protested against the policies of the world's wealthiest nations regarding AIDS research and treatment funding in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sept. 22, 2009. Reuters

HIV and AIDS is responsible for over a million deaths annually. However, tremendous strides in therapy advancement and other recent research breakthroughs have provided "functional cures" in some clinical trials, allowing patients to forego daily anti-viral medicines in exchange for simpler, life-extending medicines. Nearly 37 million people were living with HIV across the globe by 2015, according to Avert.org, a digital HIV and AIDS awareness site.

The fusion-inhibiting therapy has been studied for decades around the world but has yet to receive international recognition as a potential cure. The University of Namibia’s research could pave the way for additional studies to be done on Tian Immunity Boosters. The treatment was also registered by Kenya’s official Pharmacy and Poisons Board, allowing research groups in the African nation to begin conducting tests.

Meanwhile, anti-HIV infection drugs like pre-exposure prophylaxis, otherwise known as PrEP, has been proven to be one of the best existing chances of eradicating the global epidemic, a Welsh-government commissioned report published in late-March revealed.