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Scientists believe early humans lived in the wetlands south of the Zambezi river for 70,000 years before climate change allowed them to expand

Humanity's Homeland Found In Ancient Botswana

Map of southern Africa showing the origins of the earliest modern humans in the Makgadikgadi-Okavango paelo-wetland and subsequent population dispersal to the northeast and southwest Botswana science genetics origin
Russia has been a major supplier of weapons to Africa and the country's arms exporter hopes the first Russia-Africa summit will help boost business on the continent

Guns And Smiles: Russia Flaunts Firepower At Africa Summit

Russia is showing off its next generation Kalashnikov assault rifles, helicopters and facial recognition systems as President Vladimir Putin hosts dozens of African leaders for a major summit in Sochi.The Wednesday and Thursday event at the Black Sea resort has brought together delegates to discuss everything from nuclear technology to mineral extraction -- but on the sidelines, stands for arms companies dominate.


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