A total of 240,000 half-pint containers of 1% low-fat chocolate milk were recalled by Hiland Dairy after they were determined to be contaminated by a food-grade sanitizer.

The sanitizer was identified by the Oklahoma Center for Poison and Drug Information as Synergex, which is used to clean surfaces and dairy processing equipment, KFOR, an NBC affiliate out of Oklahoma City reported.

Several children were sickened by the contaminated milk, according to SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, which released a statement obtained by KFOR about the incident, saying, “Fifty patients on three patient care units, all minors, consumed contaminated milk.

“After a medical evaluation of each patient and based on the severity of their symptoms, 28 were transferred to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital to be evaluated and monitored by a pediatric gastroenterology specialist.”

The hospital went on to say that anyone who believes they may have consumed the contaminated milk should seek immediate medical attention. The affected milk from Hiland Dairy was sold to institutions in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma metro area, Western Oklahoma, Dallas, San Antonio, Texas, and Tyler, Texas.

Several other facilities also reported that other children consumed the contaminated milk. Harrah Public Schools in St. Harrah, Oklahoma, posted on its Facebook page about the recall, warning parents to dispose of the tainted chocolate milk.


Harrah Schools has learned Hiland Dairy has issued a recall of chocolate milk...

Posted by Harrah Public Schools on  Monday, January 18, 2021

“We’re going to be looking at potentially some upset stomachs, irritation of the mouth or throat, and even possibly some burns,” Scott Schaeffer, director of the Oklahoma Center for Poison and Drug Information, told the news outlet.

But Schaeffer told KFOR that the cleaner may have been diluted so symptoms would not be as severe.

The recalled milk has a UPC code of 72060-00156-3 and a sell-by date of Jan. 27, 2021. Plant code on the carton is 4025. Images of the product can be viewed here.

Hiland Dairy said it learned of the potential issue after an internal quality-control test at its Norman, Okla., facility. The company said only eight cases were affected, with 50 units in one case and 4,800 cases distributed within the recalled lot codes for a total of 240,000 units of milk to ensure 100% containment of the product affected.

Hiland Dairy said it is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to fully investigate the matter and comply with all recall procedures. Questions about the recall can be directed to Hiland Dairy via email through its website link at https://www.hilanddairy.com/contact-us.

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