Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama is seen at the Arcimboldi theater before receiving honorary citizenship of the city of Milan, in Milan, Italy October 20, 2016. Reuters

China’s Foreign Ministry called the Dalai Lama a "deceptive actor" Tuesday in response to the exiled Tibetan Buddhist leader appearing on HBO’s "Last Week Tonight" and telling the host, John Oliver, that Chinese hardliners had parts of their brains missing.

Speaking to Oliver at his residence in the northern Indian town of Dharamsala Sunday, the Dalai Lama hinted he might be the last reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, which is the highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism. The religion says that the soul of the highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism is reincarnated in the body of a boy after his death. The boy is selected if he passes a series of spiritual tests ensuring he is the rebirth.

The main test entails presenting the boy with a plethora of items to see if he can pick out the ones which belonged to the previous Dalai Lama. The current Dalai Lama represents the fourteenth leader chosen.

Tibet, which is located on China's southwest border, is commonly referred to as the "roof of the world" for having the Himalayas Mountains, which is the tallest mountain range in the world. It is 65 percent Buddhist.

The issue of choosing the Dalai Lama’s successor has been a contentious one in China, with the officially atheist Chinese Communist Party hoping to appoint one who supports Chinese rule over Tibet.

Tibetans view the current Dalai Lama as the embodiment of their faith and identity. However, he is viewed much differently in China. He fled to India for asylum after a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.

The Chinese government branded the current Dalai Lama, 79, as a dangerous separatist who wants an independent Tibet. Although, since 1988, he has officially and publicly said he is seeking genuine autonomy within China. The current Dalai Lama has said he wanted to pick his own successor during his lifetime, but hinted that he would be happy if the line of Dalai Lamas ended with him if that was the wish of the Tibetan people.

When asked by Oliver if he was worried about Beijing potentially naming his successor, the Dalai Lama said that Chinese hardliners lacked the "part of the brain," which indicates common sense.

China’s Foreign Minister Geng Shuang dismissed the Dalai Lama’s comments on the contested issue of his reincarnation as merely for entertainment value, saying that the Tibetan leader’s HBO appearance was funny and humorous but that his words were "all lies that do not accord with the facts."

"We often say that the 14th Dalai Lama is a political exile who wears religious clothing to engage in anti-China separatist activities," Geng told reporters Tuesday. "Now it seems he is an actor, who is very good at performing and very deceptively."

China said the tradition must continue and accused the current Dalai Lama of being disrespectful to the Tibetan religion by saying there might be no future reincarnation.