John Wall #2 of the Washington Wizards
John Wall #2 of the Washington Wizards Getty Images | Alika Jenner


  • John Wall opens up about his mental health struggles in the past two seasons
  • The Clippers took a big swing by signing him to a two-year, $13 million deal
  • Kawhi Leonard is also set to rejoin the team 

John Wall is set to make his return to the NBA hardcourt after spending two seasons on the sidelines due to injury, but it has not been an easy journey for him at all.

During his annual Salvation Army fundraiser, Wall was asked about his experience in the years that he did not play an NBA game and was quick to be honest about his mental state at the time.

"[It was] the darkest place I've ever been in. At one point in time I considered committing suicide. Tearing my Achilles, my mom being sick, my mom passing, my grandma passed a year later, all this in the midst of COVID at the same time," Wall mentioned.

"Me going to the chemotherapy [sessions] just sitting there, me seeing my mom take her last breath. Wearing the same clothes for three days straight and laying on the couch sobbing."

Wall's mother, Frances Pulley, passed away in 2019 at 58 in her battle with cancer and NBC Sports Washington noted how integral she was to forming the Wall that NBA fans had the grace of seeing.

When it comes to basketball, Wall is set for a new chapter in his journey as he after agreeing to a buyout deal with the Houston Rockets to join the Los Angeles Clippers on a two-year, $13 million deal.

Being a Clipper makes the most sense for Wall's career as he is not expected to log major minutes being a starting point guard with Reggie Jackson on the roster, which the franchise hopes will preserve him for the playoffs.

The return of Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers after a year-long absence due to an ACL tear is only going to bolster their offense as he partners up once again with Paul George.

"I'm looking at all this and I'm like, if I can get through this, I can get through anything in life. For me to be back on top where I want to be, and to see the fans still want me to play, having support... (it) means a lot," Wall later added.

With a rejuvenated Wall in tow, the Clippers are already one of the top sleeper picks to make it to the NBA Finals.

John Wall #1 of the Houston Rockets
John Wall #1 of the Houston Rockets Getty Images | Carmen Mandato