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David Beckham on Sunday instructed his solicitors to approach Scotland Yard and find out whether his name is there on the list of almost 4,000 possible victims contained in notebooks belonging to the private investigator Glenn Mulcaire.

A News of the World source claimed that the hacking the Beckhams and his wife Victoria and their family and friends' phones was commonplace.

Gerrard Tyrell, Beckhams’ solicitor who often represents Princes William and Harry, has made inquiries about the rest of their family, including the footballer’s parents
and in-laws.

“The News of the World had carried out a lot of David Beckham stories and it’s hard to make out which story came from genuine sources or from phone hacking,” a
source close to Beckham said.

The News of the World, at the British Press Awards in 2005 had won scoop of the year award for its disclosure a year before that Beckham allegedly had an affair with
Rebecca Loos, his then personal assistant, while he was playing for Real Madrid, the Telegraph reported. Judges described the award winning scoop as a “sensational

The source said the story might have originated as a result of phone hacking. “We have to assume his phone may have been hacked and that led to her [Loos] coming
out with the story,” said the source.

Neville Thurlbeck, the tabloid’s chief reporter earlier this year was arrested on suspicion of phones hacking broke the story.

“Beckham was on the front pages of the newspaper for more than any other celebrity from 2000 onwards,” the source added.