David Beckman
David Beckman allegedly sexually assaulted his pet peacock, Phyl, according to Illinois authorities. DuPage County Sheriff's Department

An Illinois man was charged with sexually abusing his pet peacock after authorities were investigating him for allegedly soliciting a child.

David Beckman, 64, of Roselle, was charged with animal cruelty for allegedly sexually abusing the peacock, NBC Chicago reported.

While investigating Beckman for allegedly attempting to solicit of a child, authorities learned Beckman was sexually abusing his pet peacock named Phyl, according to the Daily Herald. The child was between 13 and 17, the paper reported, citing court papers.

Beckman was booked last week at the DuPage County jail on charges of battery and attempted solicitation of a child (the two charges aren't connected,) the paper reported. Bond was set at $10,000.

The circumstances surrounding the peacock’s death were unknown, but the Roselle Police Department said they discovered the pet’s body on April 28 in the garage of Beckman’s home. Police saw the bird alive before then, according to the Daily Herald.

The Illinois man is facing additional criminal charges besides the ones related to the child and the peacock: harassment by telephone; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia; and marijuana possession.

Beckman is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges June 12, according to NBC Chicago.