David Cameron's security detail Sunday reportedly ushered away a puppy that was deemed a threat. Reuters

A woman walking her eight-month-old puppy Sunday in Cheltenham, England, approached David Cameron after he delivered a speech about inheritance tax only to be told she could speak with the British Prime Minister on condition that her dog was taken away. Apparently the Jack Russell and poodle cross-breed had been deemed a security risk.

Sarah Styler, 49, gave her dog to a Tory aide, who walked it across the street before she could talk with Cameron, the Telegraph reported. Styler took it in stride that her puppy, named Silver, was apparently too much of a threat for the British leader. "It's quite funny that they did not want Silver near the PM, but I guess as an eight-month-old Jack Terrier poodle he is quite a security threat," Styler said, according to the Daily Mail. "I'm surprised MI5 are not getting involved."

Cameron is in the middle of his campaign for reelection and has seen a recent slight uptick in popularity ahead of the vote scheduled for May 7. His speech centered on having the weight inheritance tax eased off the middle class. The Conservative leader promised to end inheritance taxes on properties worth up to £1 million.

"Yes, it’s right that we as a nation have inheritance tax," Cameron said in the speech, according to the Telegraph. "Yes, it's right that the wealthiest pay that tax. But no -- it was never meant for people who spent their working lives as teachers or nurses or running small businesses."

Cameron was surrounded by voters and media following the speech. After having the dog ushered away, the Prime Minister spoke with a large group of people and chatted about the day's fine weather. Apparently Cameron likes dogs, but felt Styler's puppy -- which apparently could weigh as much as 25 pounds once it is fully grown -- was too much of a risk. "The prime minister loves dogs, but it was just for security,” an aide reportedly told Styler.

The Prime Minister was previously embarrassed after a dog squirmed out of his hands when visiting a shelter in 2013, the Mail reported. Cameron owns a cat named Larry, reportedly deemed "Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office."