Given their 0-6 record, turnover-ridden offense, and generally disastrous start to the 2013 season, the last thing the New York Giants need is a locker room feud. Luckily, it appears that running back David Wilson and wide receiver Rueben Randle were joking when they lobbed insults at each other on Twitter on Tuesday night.

Randle and Wilson—each of whom was selected by the Giants in the early rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft—have had their fair share of ups and downs this season. Randle has come under fire for his inconsistent play and propensity for dropping passes, while Wilson’s early-season fumbling problems nearly got him sent to the bench. The second-year players decided to poke a bit of fun at their critics in a Tuesday night “Twitter spat.”

“Hey Randle u suck ur on the bench of ma fantasy team [sic],” Wilson wrote to his teammate on Twitter. “Get off twitter and get in your play book u bum.”

Randle fired back at Wilson with some humorous tweets of his own. “U go get in urs!” Randle wrote to Wilson. “Oh wait…u might fumble it [sic].”

Not to be outdone, Wilson responded by mocking Randle’s pass drops. “Drop another pass and I’m DROPPING U from my fantasy team #butterfingers,” Wilson said.

That’s when the alleged Twitter feud got a little personal. “Fumble another ball ima put u at the end of my bench like coach Coughlin did,” Randle wrote to Wilson.

Wilson’s retort also bordered on being offensive. “Wait didn’t u fumble twice??? Stop pouting and get up and run..your a waste of talent!!! [sic].”

The Twitter exchange went on like that for some time, with both Randle and Wilson continuously making jokes at the other’s expense. Thankfully, the entire “spat” was in good fun—neither party seemed to take the comments to heart. Check out the entire conversation over at Larry Brown Sports.

“On a serious note, [Rueben Randle] and THE GIANTS love the game and winning. We make mistakes but know we always play hard for the Team/Fans,” Wilson wrote.

We’re glad to see that Randle and Wilson are in high spirits despite the Giants’ poor play this season, but they probably won’t be making too many more jokes if the team continues its losing ways.

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