A doctor in Nigeria was arrested after decomposed bodies of his girlfriend and his wife were found in his office, the police confirmed Sunday.

The accused, identified as Adio Adeyemi, worked at Kaiama General Hospital. He had allegedly kidnapped and killed his girlfriend, identified only as Ifeoluwa, and his wife, Nofisat Halidu, in 2021.

Ifeoluwa was declared missing in the Tanke area, while Nofisat, was reported missing by her husband.

"On assumption of office as Commissioner of Police, Kwara State, while going through some petitions written by some citizens, a particular case struck the CP, Paul Odama, regarding a reported case of one missing lady, Nofisat Halidu, in Kaiama, Kaiama Local Government Area of Kwara State, on November 21, 2021," police public relations officer, SP Ajayi Okasanmi, said in a statement, according to Punch news.

Authorities said the investigation was opened last month after they received a lead. The cops grilled Adeyemi, who confessed to killing his girlfriend and dumping her body.

"Investigation led the team to Kaiama General Hospital, where the suspect's office was forced opened. A cursory look at the office presented a suspicious sight of freshly cemented floor tiles; curiously, the tiles were broken and a gory sight welcomed the detectives. Behold, lying inside the shallow grave was the decomposing corpse of an unidentified female,"

"Further search of the office led to the opening of a trash can, where another body of a lady later identified as the earlier reported missing Nofisat Halidu identified by the husband, one Mr Halidu, and other members of the community, who were present at the scene as of the time of the search," Okasanmi said.

Okasanmi disclosed other items recovered in the detained doctor's office included, "two telephone handsets found in the handbag of one of the ladies found in the doctor's drawer, two female handbags, a female wig, a veil and a female pants."

"In furtherance of the investigation, the Kwara CP has contacted the Edo State Police Command requesting the release of the suspect to the Kwara State Police Command to answer some questions regarding the discoveries in his office."

An investigation is currently underway into the incident. The motives behind the killings remain unknown. It also remains unclear how he killed the two women.

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