Deion Sanders is very worried about the privacy and well-being of his children. So clearly, the next step after your wife tries to jump me in my room is to take to Twitter and tell all 380,000 of your followers about it!

And that's exactly what Deion Sanders did.

Oh man, Deion, that sounds awful! Tell us more about it!

Fair enough, fair enough.

Whoa – okay, and that's where it gets awkward! Deion, I'mma hafta ask you to sit down! The Truth? Child, this ain't no Arab revolution! Look, we weren't there, but we'll grant him that she really did attack him. And maybe it was even serious enough to drag his kids into it – it's unfortunate, but it happens! But posting it to Twitter? A few people on Twitter thought that was over the line. Like this person, who got over fifty retweets:

And then there was Johnny Magnum, who mused about who was taking the picture:

Meanwhile, TMZ says that there's a police car and fire truck outside of Deion Sanders's home outside of Dallas. They also said they spoke to Deion, who said that Pilar, his estranged wife, was taken to the hospital after saying she needed medical attention.

TMZ also says that Pilar busted in which a friend and began 'kicking, biting, and scratching' him in front of his sons. And did he fight back? He says he merely defended himself until he was able to call police.