As warnings have been issued with regard to winter weather in the south-eastern part of the United States, it is expected that the “cold weather bomb” would hit the area with heavy snowfall and record-breaking cold. Taking the weather warnings into consideration, the Delta Air Lines started taking steps to compensate for the unavoidable delays and flight cancellations which may take place due to the severe weather conditions.

The airlines Wednesday announced a travel waiver for Jan. 3 and 4 in the mid-Atlantic region. This is to help people who cannot make the trip due to severe weather conditions in the region.

According to a statement issued on Delta Air Line’s website, the airline would, at present, provide a one-time travel waiver to the following affected cities and airports:

  • Allentown, PA (ABE)
  • Baltimore, MD (BWI)
  • Harrisburg, PA (MDT)
  • Newport News, VA (PHF)
  • Norfolk, VA (ORF)
  • Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
  • Scranton, PA (AVP)
  • Washington-Dulles, VA (IAD)
  • Washington-Reagan, VA (DCA)

According to the airline’s website, a traveler can make changes in plans without a fee and this is valid if the person is traveling by Jan. 7. However, one can fly after Jan. 7 and still avail the waiver but will have to pay the difference in fares. If the passenger is unable to reschedule the trip, he or she can cancel the trip completely. In this case, the traveler would be given a voucher in lieu of the unused value of the original ticket. This voucher can be used for some other trip within a year from the date of issuance of the original ticket.

Apart from these, a passenger can also cancel the travel plan at the last moment if there is a cancellation of the flight or there’s a delay of 90 minutes or more. In this case also the traveler would be entitled to a refund voucher for the unused amount of the ticket.

Even if the flight is not cancelled, the passengers travelling through the Delta Air Lines would be allowed to make a one-time change in their ticket without a fee only if they would be traveling to, from, or through the destinations specified by the airlines.

The website also mentioned that the changes to origins and destinations may result in an increase in fare. The difference in the price of the original and the rescheduled ticket would be charged while booking the new ticket.

Passenger can make changes in their tickets or itinerary on With the changes in the weather forecast, there could be an addition of other cities and airports to the list. To make it easier for customers to know when a waiver is available, the airline would notify the customers through email or text message all the details like when they are traveling from, through or to along with the details of the available waiver offers.

According to a report in the Winter News, winter warnings related to storm was issued for parts of northern Florida, including cities like Tallahassee, southeastern Georgia and in the eastern Carolinas which would include Cape Hatteras and Charleston.