Former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter may have used a Las Vegas book signing as a cover for a secret bachelor party, according to a report. Public scrutiny of Jeter’s relationship with longtime girlfriend Hannah Davis has produced countless engagement and marriage rumors over the past few years.

Jeter, 40, traveled to Las Vegas Monday for a private book signing, People reported. But the recent MLB retiree also “dressed casually in jeans and a black leather jacket” for a dinner with 12 male friends at the Bellagio’s FIX restaurant. The magazine speculated that the dinner may actually have been part of a secret Jeter bachelor party, but it didn't cite any firsthand accounts or evidence to corroborate the claim.

The dinner party occurred one month after the Yankee great hosted a party at Oheka Castle, a famous wedding venue in Huntington, New York. “Several high-end party vendors” were instructed to prepare for a “Derek Jeter event” of unknown significance, sources told TMZ Sports at the time. Some sources said Jeter was hosting a retirement party, while others said the event was actually a wedding ceremony.

Jeter and Davis, a model who has appeared in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, have been dating since 2012. In August 2013, Davis was spotted leaving a New York City Starbucks with what appeared to be an engagement ring on her ring finger. Neither Jeter nor Davis has ever publicly acknowledged the engagement or wedding rumors.

On Oct. 1, Jeter announced the launch of the Players’ Tribune, a project that aims to provide a forum for athletes to speak their minds directly to the public. He discussed his secretive personal life in the site’s inaugural post.

“I realize I’ve been guarded. I learned early on in New York, the toughest media environment in sports, that just because a reporter asks you a question doesn’t mean you have to answer. I attribute much of my success in New York to my ability to understand and avoid unnecessary distractions,” he wrote.