While there are many U.S. states that have already legalized the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, there still are employers and institutions that include drug tests as part of their screening procedures.

If you’re trying to apply for a job, the best and safest route would be to make sure that you come out clean in case tests are conducted. You wouldn’t want to hamper your chances just because you made the decision to have a random puff or two over the weekend.

Majority of employers choose urine testing in standard application processes. Whether you’re a regular cannabis user or just like to enjoy it on special occasions, you will need to make sure your pee does not contain any traces of THC days before the actual exam. Fortunately, there are ways to clean up so your results come up with zero. Here are some of the tried-and-tested detox drinks that can help you pass a marijuana test.

1. Cranberry juice

This is, perhaps, the most recommended drink for people who are trying to flush THC out of their urine. There are limited studies to why this seems to be working, but those who have done so have reported favorable results. Besides, cranberry is really doctor-recommended as a general detox drink by those who practice alternative medicine, so it will be a two-for-one benefit for you. Adding some B-vitamins and electrolytes to your cranberry juice has shown good results in just one week.

2. Lemon juice

Mix a tablespoon of pure lemon juice to 500 ml of water and be sure to take frequent sips over the course of 7 hours. The goal is to finish around 8 bottles of this mixture several days before your scheduled drug test. If you’ve been using weed pretty heavily recently, take this mixture everywhere you go so you don’t forget to drink up. Lemon is known to have strong detoxifying properties, apart from being loaded with vitamins.

3. Coffee

Coffee is a known diuretic because of its caffeine content, so it will help flush out the THC from your urine. Try drinking espresso plus electrolytes and water so you keep peeing days or a week before you are set to take your test. By the time your urine is analyzed, you can expect to have it clean and clear of weed traces.

4. Plain, old, reliable water

Water is the most reliable and zero-cost detox drink to help you pass your urine test. Days before your drug exam, be sure to keep drinking as much water as you can, so you also pee as often as possible. Those who take weed occasionally will do with a couple of days of drinking plenty of water, but those who use cannabis regularly might need several more days to a week to start the water therapy.

There are also pre-made marijuana detox drinks available in the market, so all you will need to do is to drink them up according to instructions and timing to get a clear result or a false positive. But if such quick fixes aren’t available, take comfort in the fact that you can certainly concoct your own detox mixes so that your hobby never has to get in the way of success.

Weed Test in Blood
Marijuana stays longer in the body the more and longer you have been taking it. Pictured: A member of the National Forensic Science Institute (INACIF) tests the quality of cocaine before an incineration of drugs inside a military base in Pedro Brand, Dominican Republic Getty Images/Erika Santelices/AFP