An Amber Alert has been issued by Detroit police officials, who are looking for Bianca Jones, 2, who has been reported missing after her father was carjacked by a thief.

An award of $17,500 has been announced to help find the baby girl.

The news comes in the wake of frantic searches, for Lisa Irwin in Kansas City and Sky Metalwala in Washington state, both of whom have been declared missing over the last couple of months.

According to Bianca's father, the thief, after the carjacking, drove away with the child still strapped into her car seat. The alleged incident took place on Monday, near the city's north end.

A statement released by Eren Stephens, a spokeswoman for the Detroit police, said that an anonymous individual had donated $15,000 to help find Bianca; CrimeStoppers of Michigan were also offering a reward, of $2,500.

Deandre Lane, 32, Bianca's father, said he was in his silver Mercury Marquis, with his daughter strapped in to the back seat. The incident took place when Lane was leaving his home on Custer, reported

The car was found at Beaubien and Philadelphia, less than a mile from the place where the car was stolen, in 10 minutes. However, the child was not to be seen.

She is very intelligent, said Orlando Jones, 20, the girl's uncle, She's so smart and can speak and she's really good and loves to read.

According to police reports, one of two alleged hijackers has been described as follows: a 6'0 black man, weighing around 185 pounds, wearing a black top and pants, with a mustache and beard resembling a 5 o'clock shadow.

The police report also describes Bianca: a black baby, weighing about 25 pounds with braids in her hair and was wearing either a pink or a purple coat with rhinestones or beads on it, pink shoes and pink tights.