Were the Houston Astros cheating against the Boston Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALCS? In this picture, Alex Cora #20 of the Red Sox looks on as the umpires discuss the call during the sixth inning against the Astros in Game Two of the American League Championship Series at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, Oct. 14, 2018. Elsa/Getty Images

There are conflicting reports as to whether the Houston Astros were cheating against the Boston Red Sox during Game 1 of their American League Championship Series (ALCS) on Saturday. The Astros would go on to beat the Red Sox 7-2 in that game.

On Tuesday, Metro US speculated that the Astros may have been cheating during the game as security reportedly removed a man from the media-credentialed area next to the Red Sox dugout in the third inning. He was claiming to be an Astros employee.

The man was said to have had a "small camera" and was texting "frequently" but did not have any media credentials, according to the report.

Later, an Astros employee tried to convince security that the man was authorized to be there, while security sources claim they were warned about the man because of similar suspicious activity when the Astros took on the Cleveland Indians in their American League Division Series earlier this month.

“We are aware of the matter and it will be handled internally," MLB Chief Communications Officer Pat Courtney said in an email Tuesday.

However, late Tuesday night, Maury Brown of Forbes reported that the opposite was actually happening and that the Astros were trying to make sure the Red Sox weren't cheating.

"But late on Tuesday a source with knowledge of the situation but asked to speak anonymously said that while the person is question was with the Astros, he was actually trying to ensure that the Red Sox were not the ones cheating," Brown wrote.

This is because Red Sox trainer Jon Jochim was found using an Apple Watch to steal signs from opposition in September last year, and the Astros employee was looking to make sure a repeat did not happen against the reigning World Series champions.

Brown adds there will be no further investigation of the matter and that it has been closed by the MLB.

Although the Astros won Game 1, the Red Sox are now in control as they lead the series 2-1 following an 8-2 victory on Tuesday at the Minute Maid Park in Houston. Game 4 takes place Saturday at Fenway Park in Boston.

Following Game 3, both team managers commented on the cheating scandal.

"I'm aware of something going on, but I haven't been briefed," Astros manager A.J. Hinch said, according to ESPN. "I'm worried about the game."

"Somebody mentioned (it) to me right now. That's an MLB issue," Red Sox manager Alex Cora added. "They'll do what they have to do. But I just heard today."

"I'm always concerned about that [sign-stealing] throughout the season. So I mean, we do a good job changing sequences and paying attention to details. And we don't get caught up in the whole paranoia thing of the signs. We try to slow it down. If we feel there's something going on, we switch the signs."

The winner of the series will go on to the World Series where they will face the winner of the National League Championship Series between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Brewers currently lead the series 2-1.