Jordan Rodgers has it all — he got the girl, popping the questions to JoJo Fletcher during the season finale of “The Bachelorette,” and now he’s got an impressive new job. While it may seem like the two are not related, some fans believe the former NFL player’s ABC fame may have been a contributing factor in landing him the job.

After catching wind of the controversy surrounding Jordan’s hiring, ESPN Senior Vice President Stephanie Druley decided to speak out. In an interview with Sports Illustrated she said that the Season 11 “The Bachelorette” winner “had been on our radar” long before he was on JoJo’s. She went on to say that she was concerned, initially, about such controversy unfolding as a result of his participation in the ABC dating show and decided to hold off on hiring him. Despite the media circus that has surrounded Jordan, his participation in “The Bachelorette” and his engagement, Druley and ESPN are confident in his abilities. On Tuesday, Aug. 23, Jordan’s first segment will air on SEC Network’s “SEC Now.”

“When he became available, he came to Charlotte. He walked into my office and the first thing I said to him [jokingly] was that his hair might be too high for our network. Despite that, it was clear he had a real passion and a deep knowledge of college football. The audition was really good — rare that someone walks in off the street and does an audition that we would be willing to air,” Druley said.

Questions arose about Jordan’s professional life shortly after the final episode of “The Bachelorette” aired on Aug. 1. In a conference call on Aug. 8, he revealed that in addition to being a former NFL player — ending his career with the Miami Dolphins in 2014 — Jordan has been brought on by ESPN to do guest spots during broadcasts and has done work as a college football analyst. Jordan also shared in June that he had been helping professional athletes, celebrities and average joes maintain healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise as well.

“I am really passionate about that and I love the aspect of changing other people’s lives,” he said on the Garbage Time podcast.

In addition to his own career in professional sports, Jordan has been linked to another famous footballer. His brother, Aaron Rodgers, currently plays for the Green Bay Packers. His career began in 2005 and, although they are brothers, Jordan revealed during a July episode of “The Bachelorette” that he and Aaron are essentially estranged. After professing his love for JoJo, Jordan said that he was looking forward to introducing her to his family — something he hadn’t done much in the past. Jordan warned her, however, that Aaron would not be present during the meeting due to their strained relationship.

“My middle brother won’t be there,” Jordan said. “I have a great relationship with my brother Luke. [Aaron and I] don’t really have that much of a relationship. It’s just kind of the way he’s chosen to do life. And I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother. It’s not ideal. And I love him. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in his shoes and have the pressure he has, the demands from people that he has. I don’t have hard feelings against him. It’s just how things go right now.”