Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin did not “smack the s--t” out of pop star Justin Bieber at a Starbucks this week, despite a report to the contrary.

On Monday, Empire Sports, which appears to be a satirical sports blog, claimed that Bieber and Griffin were involved in an altercation at a West Hollywood Starbucks. According to the report, Bieber “snapped” after a barista refused to serve him because he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Citing a “police report,” the blog claims that Bieber verbally assaulted the barista and threatened to order a bodyguard to “kick his ass.” Next, Empire Sports said that Griffin, whom it alleges was sitting in the same Starbucks, attempted to calm Bieber down.

When the pop star refused, Griffin allegedly slapped him. “He smacked the s--t out of him,” a witness allegedly said, according to Empire Sports’ report.

Despite the tongue-in-cheek tone of the article, Internet users quickly began to pass off Empire Sports’ story as fact, causing the rumors to go viral. On Monday afternoon, Gossip Cop purportedly spoke to a source close to Bieber, who confirmed that the story was “made up.”

“Justin has not returned to Los Angeles [for weeks],” the source reportedly told Gossip Cop.

The popularity of the Griffin-Bieber fight rumors elicited a response from Chris Kaman, a Los Angeles Lakers star and Griffin’s former teammate on the Clippers. In a tweet on Monday night, Kaman joked that he had witnessed the “smack.”

“I was sitting in the corner of Starbucks and Blake did not smack Bieber! Well at least not that hard…” Kaman wrote.

Seven minutes later, the Lakers star posted a second tweet that cleared up any possibility of misinterpreting his sarcasm. “It’s funny how some of u ppl [sic] believe anything…” he wrote.