Blake Griffin
Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin has reportedly fathered a son with Brynn Cameron, a former USC women's basketball player who also happens to be Matt Leinart's baby mama. Wikipedia Commons

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin has reportedly fathered a child with former USC women’s basketball player Brynn Cameron, who also happens to be free agent NFL quarterback Matt Leinart’s baby mama.

A birth certificate obtained by TMZ reportedly reveals Cameron gave birth to a son, named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, on Aug. 1. The document allegedly confirms that Blake Griffin, 24, is the father of the child.

Griffin and Cameron, 27, were first linked together in 2011, when sports blog Terez Owens revealed that the pair was dating. According to that report, Griffin quickly became friends with Brynn’s brother, Jordan Cameron, a former USC football player and current member of the Cleveland Browns. The Clippers star even appeared in a video with Jordan to hype his transition to the NFL, which can be watched below.

However, TMZ reports that Griffin and Cameron had broken up by the time their son was born. It isn’t yet clear how long the couple dated before breaking up. Griffin has yet to address the rumors regarding his infant son.

The newborn son is Cameron’s second child; she has a child from a past relationship with Matt Leinart, a former quarterback at USC, her alma mater. Their son, Cole Cameron Leinart, was born in 2006, while the couple was still attending college. However, Leinart broke up with Cameron before Cole was born.

Matt Leinart
Matt Leinart dated Brynn Cameron while the pair both attended USC. However, the NFL free agent broke up with Cameron before the birth of their son in 2006. Wikipedia Commons

Cameron and Leinart initially clashed over the former NFL’s child support payments, TMZ reports. However, the former Arizona Cardinals quarterback eventually agreed to pay Cameron $15,000 a month to support their son. Cameron and Leinart are reportedly cordial at present, with Leinart allowed regularly scheduled visits with his son.

TMZ interviewed Leinart on Monday, asking the NFL free agent if he’d had the chance “to meet the baby yet.” Leinart wasn’t pleased with the line of questioning, telling TMZ’s cameraman that his question was “not appropriate” before driving away in a golf cart.

Leinart was attending to a young child when approached for the interview, leading TMZ to speculate that the 30-year-old was with his son, Cole. Incidentally, Leinart was wearing a Clippers T-shirt at the time.