This photo -- which seems to show LeBron James either crying or wiping away a tear after the Miami Heat's 27-game winning streak was ended Wednesday night with a loss to the Chicago Bulls -- made the rounds on Twitter Wednesday night.

James has earned himself the unenviable distinction of being one of the most-hated sports figures in America, first by abandoning his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers via the corny "The Decision" debacle, and then by dominating the game while a member of a reviled Heat squad.

So fans of basically any other team in the country have been waiting on the edge of their seats, night after night, for weeks now, hoping that Miami would finally lose a game and their winning streak would come to an end.

Well it took 27 games and a great performance by the Bulls -- as well as a terrible showing by James' teammate Chris Bosh -- but Heat haters' dreams finally came true Wednesday night.

And to add icing to the cake for all the LeBron dissers out there, a photo has cropped up that seems to show James at least wiping his eyes, and perhaps even crying over the loss, which ends a magical time for fans of the defending champions, and allows the Los Angeles Lakers to keep their record of 33 straight wins in 1971-1972.

Some Heat fans took to Twitter to deny that he was crying, saying that he was suffering perhaps from allergies or just wiping sweat away, but the consensus appears to be that people believe it is a picture of James crying or wiping away a tear.

The Bulls beat the Heat by 101-97 Wednesday night, putting an end to a streak that grew to become one of the most impressive feats to take place so far this NBA season.

Most shocking about the loss is the fact that Chicago toppled the mighty Heat without the help of 2011 NBA MVP point guard Derrick Rose and all-star center Joakim Noah, both of whom did not play Wednesday evening.

So fans of every other team in the league, from the Knicks and Clippers to the Nets and Warriors, revel in the sweet feeling of seeing tears streaming down Heat fans' faces, because this is a glorious, yet rare, day for you.