Sean P. Diddy Combs
"Sal told Justin to get his dad out of the building, and that is when Diddy lunged at Sal," a source said about Diddy's UCLA fight. Pictured: Sean "Diddy" Combs. Getty Images/Ilya S. Savenok

Things don’t look good for Sean “Diddy” Combs. Surveillance video of his fight with UCLA coach Sal Alosi has not been released, but it’s what led authorities to arrest Diddy Monday, UCLA’s website Bruin Report Online wrote Monday.

Diddy, 45, was charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making terrorist threats and one count of battery after he attacked Alosi, a strength and conditioning coordinator. The coach reportedly kicked Diddy's son, Justin, out of football practice.

The music mogul went to Alosi’s office at UCLA’s athletic training complex to confront him after Alosi apparently embarrassed him and his son in front of the team. Justin, who is a defensive back, had apparently missed several workouts and wasn’t performing up to par, sources told BRO.

Sal Alosi
UCLA coach Sal Alosi (pictured) used to work for the New York Jets. NFL via Getty Images

Diddy went to talk to Alosi after the coach refused to give Justin the celebrity treatment. "I don't care if your dad's here. This is UCLA. I'm going to treat you just like I treat everyone else,” the coach reportedly said, according to a source who spoke to TMZ.

The music mogul then became infuriated when Alosi refused to talk to him. “Sal was on the phone, and by this time, Diddy was absolutely going nuts,” a source told Radar Online, “threatening that Justin would transfer to another school, and cussing up a storm. It was so inappropriate. Sal told Justin to get his dad out of the building, and that is when Diddy lunged at Sal.”

The argument escalated and eventually Diddy swung a kettlebell, a ball-shaped metal weight with a handle, at the coach. Alosi was left with scratches and a ripped shirt, BRO reported. Things eventually cooled down, but after police watched the surveillance video, they arrested Diddy, the news site added.

“Diddy was yelling and screaming the entire time, and Justin had to be restrained by members of the coaching staff when his dad was handcuffed,” an insider told Radar Online. “It was a very serious situation.”

The rapper was released from police custody late Monday on $50,000 bail, Radar wrote. He has since been banned from team events at UCLA, and Justin’s future with the team may be in jeopardy.

Head coach Jim Mora issued a statement that said he was “thankful” everyone remained professional, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t livid. “Head coach Jim Mora is absolutely outraged that members of his staff were assaulted by a player’s father. He is so angry he can’t see straight,” a source told Radar Online. “Coach Mora is extremely protective of his players and staff, and doesn’t tolerate this kind of behavior. He doesn’t care that Justin’s dad is a huge celebrity. None of that means anything to him.”

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