The Discovery Channel on Thursday released what it says is the first video of a giant squid in its natural habitat. But is the video real or just another fake?

The video, which is the first look at the network's "Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real" special, slated to air on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST, shows an impressive array of squids, culminating in a clip of what the scientists in the video say is a real-live giant squid. Scroll to the end of this article to check out the trailer for the forthcoming special.

"Dr. Steve O'Shea descends into the depths of the Ogasawara seas in hopes of catching the first live glimpse of the elusive giant squid," a description of the video reads. "This clip contains an amazing discovery."

But skeptics have long contended that reports and videos of such sea creatures are hoaxes, and the new special is likely to drum up similar controversies.

However, upon viewing the new footage, it appears that Discovery's team was able to come up with a way to film the giant squid in its natural habitat, "an-hour-and-a-half down" (980 feet) below the surface of Japan's Ogasawara seas.

The video begins with a description of how the scientists descended in a robotic submersible craft to the scary depth, at which point they released a "ground-up squid cocktail" into the water, which attracted a range of eerie, transluscent squids, which the team was extremely excited to catch on video.

But the most impressive part of the video clip comes at the end, when the team apparently encounters the target of their search: a massive giant squid, live in the flesh, there in the pitch-black for them to video tape in its natural habitat for the first time in the history of the human race. Discovery says in the video that the footage was filmed on July 10, after multiple prior attempts to get a video of the monster sea animal ended in failure.

The majestic creature can be seen floating in the dark water on its own and also from the inside of the craft, bathed in green (possibly night-vision) light. It's an impressive video, and it seems that Discovery has lived up to its hype and actually captured footage of an elusive creature that has never been recorded before in its natural habitat.

But the squid does seem to be a little fishy, as its eye looks almost human, and the footage looks as if it could be computer-generated, though there is no evidence whatsoever to back such a claim. Once the whole episode airs, be sure that the video will be analyzed extensively and that the world will know whether the team really did find a giant squad in the spooky depths of the sea.

Sunday night, the whole story will be told on the Discovery channel, so be sure to tune in so you can form your own opinion.

But first, you can click play below to watch the trailer for the upcoming special for yourself: