Japanese police arrested an obese 50-year-old man after fellow patrons at the female bathhouse realized he was disguised with a wig and covering his lower half, local newspaper Yomiuri Shinbun reports.

The man's large "bosom" above his towel helped disguise himself as a woman temporarily.

Hokkaido Prefectural Police arrested the man Wednesday after he entered the Sapporo bathhouse around 9 p.m. in a black, bob-shaped wig and makeup, according to police reports. The man soaked in the women’s-only spa at Northern 5 West 24, Chuo-ku, Chou-ku for about an hour when suspicious fellow bathers reported him to the business management for “unnaturally” attempting to cover up his lower body in the traditionally nude bathhouse.

The rotund man’s “bosom” kept female patrons from noticing his disguise at first, but the 50-minute bath ended as spa staff were alerted to his continued efforts at concealing the lower half of his body, according to the Tokyo Reporter.

After the man was confronted by spa staff and police, he initially attempted to deny the accusations of being a man by responding in a falsetto voice, “I am a woman.”

After the police were called to the Sapporo spa Wednesday, the man they described to Yomiuri Shinbun as “heavy set” weren’t buying the man’s gender claim and he ultimately told authorities at the Sapporo-Nishi Police Station, “I did it because the men’s bath is dirty so I feel more at ease in the women’s bath.”

Authorities who arrested the man for trespassing described the “part-time worker” as 5 feet 9 inches tall and “rotund.”