World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fighter Heath Slater was rescued by a team of flight crew members after he wound up trapped inside of an airplane bathroom. 

Slater, 34, was on a Miami-bound flight Dec. 31 ahead of his fight on "Monday Night Raw" the next day when he got up to use the restroom, USA Today reported. He later ran into issues as he attempted to exit the seemingly cramped bathroom when it refused to open. Flight attendants worked with the professional wrestler to free him from the bathroom by unhinging the stuck door. 

Video of the incident was recorded by WWE wrestler Curtis Axel, who was also flying out for "Raw," according to New York Post. The two sets of Instagram videos, which attracted a combined total of more than 78,000 views, showed crew members as they attempted to pry the door open with a screwdriver. Axel even told Slater to "stop playing around" and simply "open the door," but the door proved to be stuck.

After the crew succeeded in its rescue efforts, Slater could be seen in the video propped up against the small bathroom's sink. Slater later claimed that the bathroom was "getting so hot," according to a caption featured in one of the posts he shared on his official Instagram page. 

"I locked it and then I went to unlock it and the knob came off and I'm like, 'Oh you gotta be kidding me,'" Slater said in the video.

Slater eventually made it to "Raw," but he lost his match against opponent Braun Strowman.

Many fans appeared to freak out over Slater's trapping as they took to the comments section of both Instagram video posts to express their concerns. Several fans urged for the wrestler's rescue because "he has kids," with many others simply hoping that he's "okay."

"Poor Heath...hope you're okay after that," one fan commented.

"Poor Heath! Don't feel too bad; I've had a similar experience myself," a second person wrote in the Instagram post's comments area. "Folks wondered where I had disappeared to."

"I'm having a mini panic attack watching this. Bless your heart. I might have had a meltdown," a third Instagram user wrote.