Loren Froggatt, 21, shared a video on Facebook on Aug. 28 that showed her laying on a bed, wide-eyed and pale in the face, opening and closing her mouth, almost as if she was possessed. As it turns out, Froggatt was displaying the after-effects of consuming a spiked drink at the Leeds Festival in the U.K. that began on Aug. 25 and continued up to Aug. 27.

In the video, shot by her fiancé Adam Collins, 24, who is a trained first-aider, Froggatt is seen uncontrollably rolling her eyes and writhing as if she has lost control of her body. At one point during her video, she is urged by Collins to drink some water, which she does, before going back to acting zombie-like.

Speaking to Nottingham Post, Froggatt said that she had a bottle of wine throughout the day and was perfectly fine until the time a man came up to her and asked to borrow a lighter. “As I was waiting outside the main arena, a man approached me and asked to borrow a lighter. I think that’s when it happened.”

After her drink was spiked with drugs, Froggatt remembered getting dizzy and eventually going blank. “Once back at the tent Adam said my eyes kept rolling into the back of my head, I urinated myself, lost control of my jaw and tongue, started vomiting white frothy bile — I then went on to lose consciousness twice,” Froggatt recalled.

Collins, who helped his fiancé recover from the ordeal, described feeling “traumatic” during the hours when Froggatt was out of her senses. “She just started really struggling to walk. When we got back to the tent, she started going into a seizure, and her jaw was just going back and forward,” Collins said.

Normally, under these situations, the best way to help people recover is to put them in the recovery position, but that made things worse for Froggatt, as she would have choked on her own vomit. Hence, Collins “picked her up and leant her forward when she was being sick” and made her drink a lot of water to flush out her systems. The effects took three hours to wear off, after which Froggatt drifted off to sleep.

Even though she recovered physically, the next morning Froggatt remained scared that the events of the night before could repeat themselves. She added that she posted the video to warn people of what could happen at such festivals.

“I just want to raise awareness out there about how dangerous drugs are and how careful you've got to be,” she said. “Don't take your eye off your drink even for a second. I completely understand that there are people out there that want to experiment with illegal substances, but they are illegal for a reason.”

A spokesman for Festival Republic, which runs the festival, said: "We are glad to hear that Loren has made a report to the police with the allegation. In a similar situation, we would advise speaking to the nearest member of staff immediately. All of our 1,500 security, stewards and campsite staff on duty can reach medical control immediately for assistance and appropriate tests."

As for rumors that she had taken the drug herself or that her fiancé did not do enough to help her recover, Froggatt wrote in a Facebook post on Aug. 30: “Anyone that knows me knows that if I would of [sic] done this too [sic] myself (which I didn't) I most certainly wouldn't of [sic] sent it into to press! I struggle with anxiety as it is so why would I cause myself this much stress?”

“I've shared my story to spread awareness, in the hope that Leeds Festival may address the lack of organization in there [sic] camping and maybe have set camping zones with tent numbers to make it easier too [sic] find a tent in case of emergency and an emergency number to contact the medics on site… there are some evil people in this world and I would've hate to think what would of [sic] happened if it wasn't for my incredible fiancé Adam Collins,” she added.